What I’m wearing/ Saturday selfie

Hey hey guys, 

Woah it has been some time. I have no excuse really, I mean I have moved house, went to Poland, Poland came to see me and of course I; worked,worked, worked, worked, worked ( see where I went with that). However that being said, if you like doing something you find the time. So here I am on the train to Lincoln to meet some of my favs that I havent seen in 18 months, doing something I enjoy…talking about me :p. I jest but seriously I do enjoy making blogging and vlogging so here I am boring you guys with some background information, shut up Natalie. Okay moving on.


So last night I dyed my hair ( more about that another time) and I think it looks pretty awesome, I am now called squirtle in my household…just putting it out there. 

So from the neck down.

Choker: From Claire’s accessories for £4.50 it’s still there…run :p. 

Top: ‘Coco made me do it’ is written on it, it is from eBay. It was roughly £5 can’t really remember but I know it wasn’t much. I love this top, best buy.So cheap but the quality of fabric is pretty decent and not to mention it is so cute. 

Cardigan: My mother bear Hand knittined me this so unfortunately this is a one off for me alone, but I thought I would show off her hard work) (I am a lucky one)

Jeans: Ripped mom jeans from Topshop. These were £40 I believe sorry my memory is awful. They are really baggy around the waist but these were way too snug around the booty to get into my normal size. plus These are jeans that just aren’t meant to be tight…Comfort is the way forward.

Belt: I put a basic black belt on with a silver buckle(damn hard to find silver buckles these days) this was a hand me down, but it was from Bershka.

Shoes: love, love, love these. My fabulous patent Vans which I got online through the official Van website in sale for, wait for it….drumroll please…£…2….5. £25 absolute snatch, so comfortable and they look great ( I’m my opinion) 

Well I hope you liked this post guys 

Be Bach soon( I pinky promise)


Part-2…Makeup Swap: The Look

Well there isn’t really much point in showing you guys all the goodies from the £20 makeup swap challenge, if I don’t show you at least one look I made with it.

So here is goes…check it out below.

Oh just a quickie, I don’t use eyeshadow normally so be kind :()

Well no point in missing out on what I bought Laura…go check out her reveal and look on her YouTube channel HERE

Why not check her blog out which is pretty awesome over at Polkadotteapot

Have you guys done a swap?

Or have you tried any of these products?

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Be Bach soon.


It’s the… £20 makeup swap challenge!

Whoo it’s finally here, the £20 makeup swap challenge.

Me and my lovely friend Laura decided to buy each other £20 worth of makeup and send them to each other. My only requirements were that they were cruelty free.

We have put this off and off, first time I was going to Italy and then Laura had major technical difficulties.

It was like Christmas all over again, loved, loved, loved doing this.

So without any further ado…click the link below



Why not check out what I got for Laura over on YouTube here

So what did you guys think?

Have you guys done any swaps that you want to share? I would love to see them.

Hope you guys have a fabulous day.




Best meal. Best day. Best company


Hi guys,

So today’s topic isn’t beauty or hair (okay maybe a little of fashion :p) today is primarily about family, fine food and a lovely day out.

So my lovely pops decided to treat his gillies to the best meal he has ever had at Winteringham fields.
Something you should know…my dad is a chef by trade so anything he can cook, he won’t eat out…so the fact that he was hyping this place up is a big deal.

He went two years ago with Kate( his lovely wife) this was when it had two Michelin stars. However when the chef moved on the stars went with him. It takes time to get them stars, but believe me, the food is star quality and they will get one this year easy! The chef in charge now is called Colin Mcgurrin and we met his protégé Ryan Cook and his team, you could feel his passion for cooking and also you genuinely could feel his love for his main man Colin.

Anyway Winteringham Fields is a great place for a nice occasion. Dad found it on groupon for £180 for 4 people and that includes a 6 course taster menu. You can also do a wine tasting which is one glass per course to compliment the dish which was only £35 shock! (that is per person but we aren’t massive drinkers so we just tried a bit of pops)

I suggest you guys get there Asap because when the Michelin star 🌟 is back the prices will inflate. It is Fantastic! The food, the service, everything is top notch. If you want to sample some of the finer life now is your chance…I mean where else will you get a puffy for your bag( yep my bag had a seat of its own)


What I wore:


Black jeans- River Island
Paisley top- Topshop
Black leather bag- Daisey Mai
Black blazer- New look
Black heels- New look
Pom pom hair grips attached to shoes- Topshop( I know cool :p)

6 courses of heaven

I’m going to apologise now, I am no chef nor am I a master of food. I see it, I eat it (that’s as far as my knowledge goes) the food was amazing and my descriptions will be off so I will tell you basically what it is but there is nothing basic about any of these dishes.

The appetiser- we had this appetiser in the lounge (see below)


(stunning with a cosy atmosphere )

Okay I am not a fan of the mushrooms and we were given a mushroom Parmazan soup and some meringue filled with truffle and a lemon gell on top. I tried the soup and didn’t like it so even though I didn’t say a word they made me a pumpkin soup instead and kept all mushrooms off my dishes throughout ( now that is great service)
I failed to get a picture of this one, sorry hunger won.

Course one:

We went into the main dining area for this (no picture as people were eating and that would just be rude)


Omg this was so yummy 😋 bloody Mary jelly and a prawn and coriander topping.

Course two:


This was so good. This dish consisted of an egg that has the texture of jelly as it was cooked for 2.5 hours at 61 degrees to give it a bright colour and enhanced taste. It had Iberian ham and something that resembled a crispy parsnip (basically a fancy breakfast 🍳)

Course three:


I’m sorry I couldn’t resist digging in 🙂
This course was ground beef with caviar and beef fat around it. This was delicious, it came with some fine crispy crispy bread (otherwise known as toast). It was a beautiful spread but could not eat it alone as it’s a powerful dish, full of flavours.

Course four :


This was seabass with a crispy skin. It flaked off, there was more to it than that.. either way this was one of the top three out of 6 dishes.

Course five:


This dish was quail breast, a potato and bacon square, a creamy vegetable side with a light dribble of jus. This was my second favourite dish.

Course six:


This dish was rated no.1 in my book. It was an amaretto cheesecake with a pear swirl and my favourite a pear and grappa sorbet.

Then we finished off with some lattes in the lounge. And they gave us more food 😮 some macaroons, truffles, and caramel brittle.


Best meal!
Best day!
Best company!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post,

Have any of you been?

Do any of you want to go? Feel free to drop any comments below


Be Bach soon

The Bees knees product review


Hi guys, welcome Bach.

So this is a cheeky little product review.
Some of you may know I spent my Birthday backpacking in Italy…which was awesome by the way.
When I got back I went straight to the North East to a small place called Peterlee (where I was brought up) to see my family. I had pressies awaiting my arrival, this was one of them. I decided to share this with you as these are literally amazing!!


So these were courtesy of mother bear, the products were bought from North Wales In a little Boutique. The products are made in Snowdonia from beeswax.

So in this little box there is;


Foot creme with peppermint. I love this, I have always neglected my feet. But now I can’t help but treat them…my feet feel so soft.


Hand creme which I also love, love, love. I will literally never go back. Beeswax is the best moistureiser in my opinion.


Lip balm, now this is good but it is so solid it is hard to get out without having to dig it out.

Honestly guys this stuff is the bees knees(get it :p)

I hope you liked this post

Be Bach soon, and Happy Easter 🙂


What I’m wearing


Hey hey,  welcome Bach.

So I couldn’t wait to try out my new speech bubble badges from Topshop. You know what it’s like, you get something new and want to show it off…so here goes.


I absolutely love, love, love them. With even more to try out. You can find them on my previous post ‘Sunday haul’

I am also wearing some black skinny jeans from River Island, white chiffon shirt from New look, grey jumper from Zara and obviously these adorable badges from Topshop :).

Hope you liked this post.
Feel free to share some of your favourite looks.

Be Bach soon, until next time



Sunday haul


Hey hey guys, welcome Bach

So I have been pretty quiet recently, those that follow me on Instagram will know that I had a wee little adventure in Italy. But you will hear more about that later, I have lots of videossss 🙂 oh and tips on packing (to be continued).

Anyway I had planned on uploading a video today of some Arbonne products I was testing, courtesy of Fallon (You can find her on Facebook at: fallon hickman – independent consultant, arbonne international)
However I got admittedly distracted on a little visit to Leicester and then I had to tailor a hem on some trousers for my pops. Long story short, I didn’t do it upps. However I did buy some cheeky goods to show you guys, and one of which I love, love, love (have a guess)


So I bought these cute little ear muffs from M&S for next Winter, well let’s be honest in Britain the majority is like Winter anyway. I got them for sale for £3.


And I bought a pair of these lovely stag candle holders  for my dad and his lovely wife Kate. These were also from  M&S which came to £15 for the pair as they were on sale whooo.


The reason I came to M&S…panties. I have already put them away, hense the empty packet.
I won’t be showing you a preview of these so you’re just going to have to take my word for it. So these were recommended by a friend I met out in Italy called Vicky (You know you have bonded when the pants come out). The Brazilian cut of pants are comfortable like boxers but they say sexy as opposed to cute. Anyway I have just tried them on and I’m sold, these paticular ones feel like silk. They are seamless too so works fab when strutting in a tight little number. These come in a pack of 5 for £12 and they are called microfibre no VPL brazilians. Seriously try these… you’re welcome :).


Of course I can’t go to Leicester without going to Lush. This was suggested to me from a fellow blogger called too much mouth over on Youtube.
Anyway I have tried it out already and I absolutely love this for first impressions, it smells like licorice and is super exfoliating. It is called Dark angel which is perfect for oily skin and it costs £6.95.


I already have a black version of this choker, but I love it. So I thought why not buy a tinted purple one, this photo is actually deceiving as it really looks neutral with a purple tint. Anyway I bought this in sale at Topshop for £2.50.


I saved the best till last, can’t wait to wear these. I always wear earings on shirt colars but when I saw these little badges I was like ahhh I love them. So these babies will be my new colar decor. These were from Topshop for £7.50

Well I hope you guys like the post.

Until next time


Lazy day, Arbonne fresh/ First impressions

Hey hey guys, Welcome Bach

So just a quicky, So I had a really lazy day and decided to try out some of the Arbonne samples that Fallon had sent me (Fallon is someone I met in school) Anyway she is a consultant for Arbonne and sent me loads of really great products, or at least im impressed so far.

So in this video the products I have tested are:

Arbonne SeaSource detox spa: Foaming detox scrub
Rescue wash

Arbonne Clear future: Deep pore blemish cleanser
Exfoliating blemish solution
Mattifying blemish lotion.

Arbonne Pure vibrance: Hair revitalising masque.

Check out the video below for the reviews 🙂


If you want to get some of your own samples or even want to dive straight in for an order, nip over to Fallons´ Facebook page Here, She is really lovely and will give you any advice you need.

Check her out and say hi from me

I hope you liked this post



The lazy persons way of planning a trip.


Hey guys, welcome Bach

Well I have been pretty silent as of recent, you may be wondering why, and if not you’re going to get the story anyway.

Well you know when you do something that you have never done before and it kind of consumes all of your spare time just researching and getting no where…well that’s pretty much what my life has been the past week….work followed by research.
Suspense over…I booked a pretty random trip to Italy, now it’s only for 12 days but since traveling around Thailand I have had the fidgets to get out and do some more backpacking. Yeah pretty exciting although last time I had a lovely partner in crime to join me on the adventure, this time I’m going solo eek! As exciting as it is there is a tiny part of me that is pretty anxious (hate that word) as it’s new and different. I am not a planner, when it comes to lists and work yeah great…but life, I wing it and hope for the best.
So most of the time I have been researching into interrailing and individual costs of train tickets and deciding what my priority spots to hit in Italy are….and with that week of research…nothing, the issues of a procrastinator.
So guess what?
I’m going to do what I do best, stop stressing about the details and wing it, wing it all the way until the flight home.

Unnecessary spending

What is it with needing new things, just to go on a bum around trip (retorical question) So I’m doing a solo trip, so I’m trying to make it as economical as possible going hostel to hostel and meeting some interesting new people, while saving on the dollar dollar (well sterling, sterling) and I had been looking at interrailing to also cut costs. Contradiction alert! In this past week I have bought two new bags, one rucksack (necessary, as I only had a 60l bag) but come on why did I need a new handbag? That’s not all, I have been furiously searching for new shoes; specifically some nice boots with less heel and some lacoste trainers I have my eye on…even though I know that they are not a necessity…guess what? I will convince myself to buy them anyway, screw bridezilla,  pre-backpackzilla, please tell me I am not alone in this crazy holiday shopping?

The ish plan

The roundabout plan is to fly into Milan and get a sleeper train to Lecce and then go to pompeii and work my way back to Milan, hitting Rome, Venice, Florence, Vienna and back to Milan…in 12 days good luck!

Anyway that’s why I have been on the quiet side of life, now that I have my phone back from getting fixed it will be easier to update so I aim to be more vocal.

If any of you guys have been or live in Italy, give me a shout…I am open to tips and places to see/avoid.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my lack of plans.

Be Bach soon, Ciao


What´s in my envelope

Hey guys, Welcome Bach

So I have been dying to do this post, but with work and technical issues it has been slightly delayed.

You all know how exciting it is to get new products, and with my hunt for cruelty free alternatives I am sure you could imagine how excited I was when an old friend of mine contacted me about a fantastic company she had joined called Arbonne. She started off with buying the products and then found a love for the products and decided she wanted to be part of the growth of Arbonne. Of course everyone’s skin types are different so she offered to send me some samples, I love trying new things, whoop whoop.

About Arbonne:

Arbonne began in Switzerland in  1975 and opened up in America in 1980, Arbonne is now shared throughout the world with independent consultants.

Arbonne are cruelty free, vegan certified, gluten free & their products are botanically based, they’re completely natural.

Watch the video below to see all the great products Fallon sent me.

Why not go over and say hi to Fallon on her Facebook page here. Any of you guys want to try Arbonne products? If you ask Fallon nice enough she may send you some samples, so nip over and say hi from me.

I will be doing a review of these products soon, so keep a look out.

Hope you like this post, Be Bach soon